How You Can Become a Successful NFT Artist?

Are you an NFT artist wishing to take your work to the next level in a short time? Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and want to build your own brand about NFTs in the future? Whatever the case might be, we are sure that you are looking forward to some tips that help you become a successful NFT artist.

Frankly speaking, creating an NFT artwork isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  Especially if you are already familiar with the crypto space or know how blockchain technology works, then creating NFT and becoming a successful artist might be a few steps away.

But if you are a newbie, things may get difficult when you take one step ahead. That’s why it’s important to learn all the basics and advanced elements for becoming a successful NFT artist. If you planning to become a well-known artist who is known for their NFT artwork, then this is the right article to get some guidance.

Find the Most Relevant Marketplace

When it comes to finding the right marketplace, you may come across a lot of them that allows you to buy and sell NFTs. Among all the popular ones, OpenSea is the best marketplace right now that offers an expansive selection of crypto collectibles. 

Users can mint anything they want from NFT artworks to complex technical items and event tickets to trading cards as well as plenty of other digital collectibles. Anyone can easily gain access to the NFT platform that helps users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. So, if you want to reach the widest audience in the art category, then OpenSea is undoubtedly the best marketplace to consider.

However, if you are focused on generating sales, then it’s recommended to check out the average sales price as well as quantity on every different platform. Artists can easily mint and list their artwork on sale using the Rarible and OpenSea platforms. Artists can certify different kinds of NFTs minted on Ether marketplaces as well.

Alternatively, you can create your own NFT marketplace where you can display your artwork and invite other users to trade NFTs. This is also beneficial as you will have chances to sell your artwork and earn more money when other users’ NFT got sold.

Experiment with TestNet

There are lots of NFT marketplaces including Rarible and OpenSea that allow you to experiment with test nets before minting the art collectibles.  

Yes, you might have heard about the Testnets first time, but it’s extremely useful to follow that step. Testnets are generally identical to the software that runs behind your cryptocurrencies. It is mainly used to conduct experiments without even disturbing the operations of the primary chain. 

For all the NFT artists out there, TestNets are quite useful for getting a better understanding of the overall process; plus, you can avoid making any mistakes along the journey.

Mint NFTs When Gas Fees are Affordable

Users are required to pay gas prices for the computational mining power which is needed to process transactions using the Ethereum blockchain. Now the gas fees usually fluctuate according to the real-time network traffic. In simple terms, gas fees will be higher when the overall network will be crowded. 

If you want to avoid hefty charges, you should mint NFTs when fewer people are active in the ether market. According to the Brazilian digital NFT artist Melissa Duarte: “I tend to mint only when the days are calm and still, I set my Metamask to a maximum GWEI [a small unit of ETH] value that I believe can be reached in a few hours”

Etherscan is one of the most reliable tools for artists that help track real-time gas price data according to the time of day as well as local time zone. 

Market Yourself Efficiently on All Social Media Channels

Who doesn’t use social media today? From young children to the elderly, everyone is getting obsessed with rapidly growing social media channels. So, when it comes to becoming a successful NFT artist, how can you neglect social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram?

The fact is, you cannot only rely on NFT marketplaces to do everything for you. 

You need to learn and understand how to market yourself efficiently on every social media channel as it is a key to engaging potential investors and collectors. Not only that, but it also builds a strong reputation as well as improves the discoverability of your NFT art. 

When lots of people will learn about your unique NFT artwork, they will share it on their profile which leads to further recognition, popularity, and exposure to your collection.

You can even choose the best NFT social media marketing agency that is an expert in doing the job wonderfully without having you pay tons of money.

Establish Connections with Other Artists

The next thing you need to do is, establish connections with different NFT artists.

Social media can also help you with that and allow you to build a network of like-minded artists. The NFT market is strongly driven by many qualified artists, so it helps you to amplify each other’s messages in a very efficient manner. 

Define What Makes You Special and Unique

Many artists and creators make their living by selling NFTs. While many artists struggle to get noticed. But it is not easy to position yourself at the top in the world of some highly qualified and popular NFT artists. 

You cannot expect to be like Beeple in one or two days and sell your work for millions of dollars. Why? Because the market is very saturated. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to define what makes you special and unique.

Ready to Become a Successful NFT Artist? Take Your First Step!

After reading the above ideas, we are sure that you would be more excited and thrilled to become a successful NFT artist. If you have already taken a step towards success, let us become a part of it. Join hands with NFT Unfold which helps you develop and sell your NFT artwork through different NFT marketing strategies.

You cannot only get exposure for your NFT and become successful but also create the artwork with the help of professionals who have proven experience in this arena. So, do not wait anymore and take the first step to get popular!

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