Top 5 NFT Trends to Watch Out for 2022

Just like several technological developments we see every day, NFTs are also evolving and bringing new concepts to the overall market. And with each development, people get crazy to work on different new projects that can bring huge sales and leads.

In 2021, NFTs were brought into the limelight, and now in 2022, NFTs will be becoming more popular due to several innovative trends. 

So, if you are planning to create and sell NFT or just want to invest in this technology, then it’s better to watch out for these trends first that can enlighten you more.

Popular Brands are Using NFTs Frequently

You must have seen the fact that the success of some small projects always attracts the biggest investors in the same industry. In fact, it has become a pattern for new technology solutions that every small successful project eventually attracts the biggest brands and business owners. And NFTs are definitely not an exception to this.

Therefore, today more and more brands have started to explore several opportunities that NFTs can bring. Some popular industries including fashion, lifestyle, food, and others are also contributing well and helping to generate profits. For example, McDonald’s, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Taco Bell have released limited digital collectibles. For these popular brands, minting NFTs allows them to generate strong brand awareness as well as boost customer engagement. 

These projects have stimulated the great interest of NFT holders. For example, Pringles. The brand has created a limited collection of NFT crisps and they introduced a “virtual flavor” which was limited to 50 versions. Their tokens were sold by the Pringles company for almost the normal pack of crisps, which is $2. However, their price hovers around 4 ETH today on platforms like Rarible.

NFT Trend in the Music Industry

We cannot neglect the importance of the music industry when it comes to NFTs. This is another brand where we could see multiple beneficial applications of NFTs this year. Every music artist in the world has noticed the impacts of NFTs and has been considering using the potential of this technology. It will allow them not only to embrace their relationship with other fans and followers, but it will create new revenue streams as well.

For example, the American band Kings of Leon was the first band who leveraged NFT music in the industry. Their eighth studio album, When You See Yourself, got released in 2021 but as an NFT token. And the sale of NFTs in which the Yellow Heart company was represented, got ended on March 19th and has generated more than $2 million in revenue. 

Those NFT tokens were released by the musical band in different amazing ways that resemble the merch of various artists as they promised full access to future concerts, music covers, or a limited vinyl edition. 

The technology they applied made NFT tokens very unique. Since NFT tokens use smart contracts, there is a proper set of rules that could be considered by the maker to determine what would happen when NFTs will be used. This has made NFT the most valuable asset of the music industry.

GameFi and NFTs

So, what do you think? Is 2022 a great year of NFTs or for GameFi

Well, we think we cannot neglect both.

The GameFi ecosystem allows every gamer to earn the maximum amount by bringing several financial mechanisms to games. It is positioned just like a new door of income. But where does NFT stand in the entire ecosystem?

NFTs have become a new unstoppable development of entire crypto assets which is currently at the heart of the P2E model. Gamers who want to enjoy both pleasure and profits out of their time and interest, must invest in games and enjoy the benefits of NFTs to the fullest.

Currently, all the marketplaces in Blockchain gaming are trending not only due to the tokens they launched but also due to the different NFT assets that have yielded in-game utility. So, it will be common to get a spaceship or a gun NFT and then utilize them in several games while earning tokens.

Personality NFT

Have you ever heard about personality NFTs?

Apps and sites that allow artists to perform as an NFT personality are going to be the next big thing in 2022 and onwards. You will start seeing different personalities as NFTs, and it is also confirmed by Jace Kay owner of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Substituting a real-life personality with a virtual asset is not something very astonishing or new for musicians as well as several stage performers. In fact, things that were started by Gorillaz in 1998, are now being taken to a whole new level in the world of NFTs.

Fractionalized NFTs of Real-World Artworks

Here is a new trend emerging gradually.

Providing the fractionalized NTFS of real-world artworks is becoming another prominent trend in the world of NFTs. It will fill the gap between traditional art and the new redefined form initially proposed by NFTs.

For centuries, we have heard that the art market is associated with lots of lucrative investment opportunities. But there is been a hurdle that is stopping all ordinary investors. They are facing high-entry barriers. For example, investment in Picasso or Rothko can help build vast profits, but when you think realistically, you will learn that many people cannot afford them. So, the fractionalized NFTs will offer the complete democratization of high art investment. And this is quite beneficial for all the artists around the world.

Confused About NFT Creation?

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