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If you are a musician or belong to the music industry, you have a chance to tokenize your creations and albums into digital assets and present them for trading into a valuable marketplace. If you want to go the extra mile, you can simply create your own NFT music marketplace, where you can remove any middlemen and allow direct communication between users, musicians, listeners, and buyers.

At NFTUnfold, we allow musicians to create several kinds of bidding listings or fixed price listings. Moreover, you will be notified every hour about the ranking of your NFT, its price, and other stats. 

How Does Your NFT Music Marketplace Work?

The working procedure depends on different steps. So, we create the NFT music
marketplace with high versatility, creativity, and uniqueness.

Top characteristics of NFT

Have a look at some top characteristics of the NFT music marketplace

We Will Help You Scale Your NFT Music Marketplace Project

Get in touch to discuss how we can take your NFT Music Marketplace to the next level.

The Importance of NFTs in Music is Booming, Let’s Get into the Trend Today with NFTUnfold!

Due to the popularity of NFTs in the music industry, it has become more important to develop your own NFT music marketplace as it offers a lot of amazing benefits, such as:

Establish an active community of musicians

More independent solution, no entry barriers

More recognition and acknowledgment


Increased chances
of selling

Transparent, smooth, and safe marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can build your NFT music marketplace on any blockchain including Ethereum, Flow, Cardano, Tezos, and Wax.

There are plenty of reasons to rely on NFTunfold for your NFT music marketplace. We have a crew of blockchain experts who have diverse knowledge and expertise in music NFTs. Not only that, but we also value our client’s ideas and follow their instructions carefully. We make sure that the development process is quick and effective which doesn’t take much time.

There will be different payments modes available for your NFT music marketplace which include cryptocurrencies, debit/credit cards, and fiat currency.

Yes, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance and incorporate new features, refresh content and do much more.

The costs could differ according to the requirements you share. Once you share your needs regarding music NFTs, our experts will give you the right estimates and timeframe to complete the process.