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The NFT collectible or assets can be anything. From a simple artwork to a dummy that resembles or serves as a real substitute for a person or anything else. Let’s take an example of the Mona Lisa painting NFT which resembles a real person and is now converted into a form of NFT art or dummy. You cannot buy the painting or dummy unless you splurge thousands of dollars, but you can buy the NFT of her painting. Well, this is the one example, there are hundreds of similar ones that can be traded in the NFT marketplace for dummies.

At NFT Unfold, we have a team of expert developers who help you turn a simple artwork or dummy into a valuable digital asset by turning it into an NFT. Interested to know more? We are just one call away from complete assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer a range of NFT marketing services which include SEO, social media marketing, reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing, and many more. These services help you reach a wider target audience and offer strong brand recognition.

It’s based-on complexities and technicalities around your project. If it’s too technical and based on several features then we may need 3-4 weeks, but if it’s simple and short, our experts may complete it within one week.

You can either create, list, or trade your NFT on our platform that is exclusively designed for people who want to trade their dummies NFT. Our experts will help you trade it publicly in front of thousands of people who might show interest in buying it.

The costs usually depend on the goals and requirements you share with our team. Once you share details, we will give the right estimates and timeframe to complete the project.

Yes, we have developed 200+ NFT marketplaces for dummies and arts before and delivered a 100% satisfaction score, which makes us an ideal choice for your project as well.