5 Best NFT Photography Marketplaces You Should Know in 2022

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Are you looking for dedicated NFT photography marketplaces? What if I tell you that I have the list of some best NFT photography marketplaces that you have never known before?

Well, I would like to clarify one thing here. Manage your expectations a little bit. Because these marketplaces are not so popular or big as others like OpenSea.

OpenSea has great liquidity but you won’t find a lot of photography collections over there. Similarly, SuperRare is also a great marketplace but only beneficial if you are a popular or real artist. They are invitation-only marketplaces and not an option to consider for everyone.

I must say that photography is a very big marketplace so there are chances that you will find a lot of collectors and buyers on the below-mentioned marketplaces.

Focus Market

If you are a photographer and interested in NFT trading, I am sure that you must have heard about the Focus Marketplace

It is basically a community-focused NFT platform that aims to democratize photography. The team of this marketplace simply wants collectors, buyers, and creators to trade all their photo assets without considering any restrictions or a boundary.

But it’s also important to mention that this is a kind of new NFT photography marketplace that has been in private beta testing since Q3/Q4 2021. Also, note that the public beta launch has been scheduled for Q2 2022. The team has a very ambitious roadmap ahead and they are very well-committed to following that.

Some of the amazing features of this platform are, that it has curated sections, stock photo sections, community hub Metaverse, and other features.


Ephemera is another reliable NFT photography marketplace that advertises itself as the best NFT marketplace for photographers all over the world. 

The platform efficiently supports photography as well as video art, which is quite attractive for every new and professional photographer. Plus, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it only supports 1-of-1 art pieces. So, make sure you follow their guidelines. 

Ephemera is not an open marketplace. It requires you to apply before you list the artwork.

Some of its top features include galleries, a drop calendar, minting tools, various listing options, a leaderboard, a magazine, 10% creator royalty, 10% fee on primary sales, and 5% fee on secondary sales. 

Once you join the marketplace, you can see how beneficial it is for new photographers.


Photocentra looks like a slightly different approach when it comes to NFT photography marketplaces.

The makers and owners of this marketplace have positioned themselves as a great alternative to some existing stock photography platforms.

Basically, their strategy is to promise all the photographers 100% of sales on their photos rather than giving some miserable percentages they usually get from several stock platforms.

The platform is designed to offer incentives to the photographers for uploading their artwork to their marketplace and then getting rewarded in the native photo token.

This approach seems quite interesting and can help find tons of interested supporters amongst the vast market of photographers.

Some amazing features include a native photo token, featured authors, photocentra DAO, built on layer two, leaderboards, and a 4.9% platform fee for buyers.


If you are looking for a professional NFT marketplace to showcase your art pieces, then I would recommend you to consider Quantum. It is one of the most reliable and professional NFT photography marketplaces you can ever trust. 

With that being said, the primary focus of Quantum is creating and dropping stunning NFT collections and making sure that NFT photography is easily available and accessible to everyone.

We all know the fact that all the trading happens on OpenSea. There are very less chances to get success on Quantum, as OpenSea.

So, this smart and effective approach is easy to implement because rather than re-inventing the wheel and then competing with big players in the market, Quantum is efficiently carving out a specific niche that is very easy to manage.

I would love to mention some features of Quantum, which are collections, drop calendar, community votes, featured artists, and Quantum Key NFT with different unlockable perks.


Sloika is another marketplace and I am sure you have never heard about it.

Actually, this is another interesting concept that revolves around some highly curated NFT photography marketplaces.

Especially if you are a fan of photography then I am sure that you must be familiar with 500px.

This platform was curated by the founding team that works behind 500px. So, it’s clear that there is a smart, professional, expert, and reliable group working behind the overall platform. This means you can trust the channel and associate yourself with it. But make sure you learn about its features before listing your NFT collections.

Its features include, unlimited listing options, verification collections, Native GACHA token, minting & reveal tools, creator royalties, creator collectives, and custom tokens available for every collection.

What else a photographer could ask for?

Create Your Own Marketplace

If you don’t want to list your collections on any of the above marketplace, then there is another option. Create your own NFT photography marketplace. Yes, consult with a team of experts and they will help you design your photography NFT marketplace by following all the guidelines and trends. 

You can leverage a lot of benefits by creating your own NFT marketplace. You can allow contributions and help buyers to showcase their artwork. In case of any selling, you will also receive a handsome commission. So, why not rely on your own marketplace rather than listing the NFTs on other marketplaces?


If you think that the above marketplaces are right for your NFT collections then go ahead and get your NFTs listed on them today.

But if you want to create your own NFT marketplace, then make sure you choose NFT Unfold which can help you with everything you want. You cannot only create but also promote and market it using various marketing strategies. This gives you plenty of chances to gain recognition and build credibility.