Market Your NFTs on Social Media and Achieve Overnight Success

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So, you have just created and minted your first NFT, or maybe a couple of NFTs based on your needs; and now wondering why it doesn’t seem to get much attention as it should. Well, I’d love to tell you the reason.

Artists who have achieved great success by creating NFTs in the digital space have worked effortlessly day and night to generate a huge following on social media. Why? Because the attention that strategy generates, cannot possibly be imagined with any other strategy. However, these artists didn’t amass plenty of followers in one night, but surely, they have worked a lot on honing their skills in social media marketing.

Luckily, you don’t have to do that because you already have a proven strategy that can help you generate lots of success overnight. Yes, today I am going to tell you the NFT social media marketing tips that can bring desired attention to your asset in no time. 

Build Loyal Audience Across Every Platform

For social media marketing of every project, it’s important to build a loyal audience.

So, this is the first step you need to follow. Build a loyal audience across every channel. When you have a large audience, you can bring in great exposure for your NFTs and make people believe that you are a credible brand. If you take a look at the high-NFT sales record, you will come to know that all of them had one thing in common – plenty of fans and followers on social media channels.

Without solid community on social channels, you can bring traffic and exposure.

Include Right Keywords and Hashtags

Even if you have millions of followers on social media channels, you will still be required to optimize your NFT posts so you can reach a massive audience. Sometimes, the high-level investors are not among your current followers so you can reach them easily when you have optimized posts. 

Keywords and hashtags play a vital role. You can simply increase the visibility of your NFT project among different users looking for any particular information.

But do you know what makes an incredible hashtag? 

They should be short, trendy, and memorable so that your audience can easily remember them when they comment on your posts. Another idea is, to choose hashtags that are popular and have been used frequently. It will show your posts to the relevant community whenever your audience accesses their social account.

Take the Help of Influencers

Influencers with relevant knowledge and expertise are a great help when it comes to marketing your NFT on social media channels. Most influencers have a great following across popular channels. Thus, they can easily promote your brand by saying some kind words and convince the audience to consider it. you can even collaborate with micro-influencers if you don’t want to spend much.

However, relying on influencer marketing agencies is also a great choice as they have healthy connections with them and they can help deliver amazing results without having to spend too much money.

The reliable agency can connect you with popular NFT enthusiasts with 10,000-50,000 followers on Twitter. These influencers tend to engage the community with a variety of content which helps your brand grow and get recognized.

Generate Healthy Engagement

I guess this is the point that needs to be followed by every NFT project owner.

You need to create big engagement as this is the basic thing that every business needs to grow – including NFTs. It’s important to build two-way communication. Create content that evokes curiosity and interest in your audience so that they can ask questions. Create a dialogue or conversation to keep the community engaged.

Now, the question is how to do that?

Well, that’s not hard. Social media have lots of options that can be utilized for that purpose. You can launch a poll, start a question/answer session, post a story, share an informative article, tell people about the benefits and features of your NFT, and generate the need to buy.

Maintain Consistency


Consistency is extremely important to maintain. 

According to most social media marketing agencies, you need to share 5–7 posts every week. By doing this, your audience will remember you, and you can easily build healthy likes, shares, and comments after some time.  

I know it seems too daunting at the first. Creating content, brainstorming ideas, designing posts, and engaging people are all too hectic. But trust me, once you start doing it, you will love it.

Or if you think you cannot handle that perfectly, then it’s recommended to work with social media marketing specialists who create a proper schedule for your posts and create amazing content for building followers and engagement.

The more you post, the more engagement you can bring. And it leads to high revenue and plenty of leads.

Hold Giveaways and Contests

This is another interesting and proven method to generate overnight success in social media marketing. 

Your NFTs will be quite handy when you launch some giveaways and contests. It’s recommended to offer your newly created NFTs as special or limited editions and announce prizes for your audience for participation in contests and giveaways. 

When you announce prizes for participation, it will attract more people to the project and you will instantly see incredible engagement.

Create Short Viral Videos

Instead of creating long-form content and other posts, you need to create short videos that have the potential to get viral in the industry.

TikTok is one of the widely used short video platforms in the world. We know that not too many people and brands love to use the platform but when you do it correctly and professionally, then it can be a great medium to generate success.  

Thus, platforms like these offer a great opportunity for marketers to create interesting viral content that is appreciated by people with similar interests. It will also allow you to build traffic across social media channels.

Ready to Do Social Media Marketing for NFTs?

Whether you have created one NFT or multiple, without effective social media marketing, it’s hard-to-get exposure and visibility for your project. Follow the tips I mentioned above and develop a strong strategy for NFT social media marketing. Alternatively, you can rely on a marketing agency like NFT Unfold for better strategy and results.