How to Sell Your Artwork on NFT Marketplaces? Tips That Nobody Will Tell You

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NFT space has greatly revolutionized the world of digital artwork over the past few years; they have made it possible for artists to sell their artwork on different NFT marketplaces and enjoy substantial sums of money.

For example, the value of Ether in the cryptocurrency market in January grew 10 times higher, but it was said that it was only the beginning.

And this is not only one example. There are tons of others too that motivated many people to join the NFT marketplaces and sell their digital artwork. This NFT space has opened up a world of opportunities and possibilities for buyers and sellers. But it also comes with tasks like self-promotion. It’s not only you create and upload your NFT to different marketplaces and it will get sold in a matter of minutes. 

Things do not work like that. You need to follow a proper strategy and implement marketing plans for good results. So, if you have an NFT and you are just about to add them to different marketplaces, then this is the right article for you as it will guide you on what to do next for successful marketing and promotion.

Share Your Work on Twitter

Being able to insert a link if you have more than 20 thousand followers on Instagram is definitely a useful strategy for people. But that’s not enough today. Your sales rely on the links to the next auctions being widely shared where people are directed straight after reading a “link in bio” statement. 

Unlike that strategy, Twitter allows you to share multiple links. It has now become a go-to platform that helps spread the word about your crypto art sales. You cannot ignore the effectiveness and importance of this platform which works more efficiently than others. 

In the past few years, the arty world hasn’t considered Twitter to be a visual platform but many people discovered that it offers better chances to showcase their work. It works more smoothly than Instagram and delivers more leads. You can share different images at the same time on Twitter while adding some important text with hashtags. It immediately grabs the audience’s attention and helps them discover everything they want.

Increase Your Fan Following on Instagram

Instagram is a community of more than 1.2 billion people. You have an opportunity to interact with them and showcase your art world if you use better strategies and plans.

When you have to sell your artwork, you cannot neglect a single social media platform because each of them has its own role & importance. 

If we say that Twitter is a great platform for sharing links, then most people will agree that Instagram is an excellent social media where you can grow tons of followers in a short time and let them introduce you to your collection. 

No matter how modest the platform is, do not neglect it. You can easily showcase your portfolio, convince your target audience, and exhibit your current projects on Instagram. Not only that, but you can even show your previous work and get people’s opinions. The trajectory and evolution of your digital artwork are decisive for collectors.

Always Use Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags matter a lot for every platform, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

In a world with billions of same conversations and images occurring at the same time, you need to build your circles by including the most relevant and trendy hashtags that better define your NFT artwork. When you choose the right hashtags for your collection, you will automatically get increased visibility and exposure and will be seen by potential collectors, investors, and artists.

For NFT, you can choose from these hashtags, as they are currently trendy and help people to get the most out of the NFT artwork.

#nft #nftart #nftartist #nfts #nftcollector #nftcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #nftphotography #nftanimation #nftvideo #digitalart.

You can either use all of them or include 5-6 hashtags with your posts. You can even choose some of them and mention them in your profile description. Remember that these hashtags work well for both Twitter and Instagram.

Share the Process and Other Things to Create Buzz

The next thing you need to do is, share more than just your work. It won’t help.

You need to share the creative process of your NFT creation. Show how you put together everything. What inspired you the most, what changes you implemented at the end, how it’s useful for others, and included all the things that spark the user’s interest.

Do not just showcase your work and tell people that you are selling it. instead, you need to share the backstory. When you add things that people don’t know, it will generate further engagement. They will love to discover everything about the process and might get impressed with any effort you made throughout the process.

Share different fragments of a piece as well as a proper preview of details. Moreover, sharing images of the aspiring artists working on the project can also generate a great buzz; people will be impressed to know that an artist is sharing the artwork of other artists and motivating them to do better.

Use Discord Forums

Discord is the best social media channel designed specifically for users so they can create their own chat rooms for several purposes. It is also called Slack for gamers and is now available for crypto artists. 

Besides chatting, the platform offers a lot of professional features which include sharing and storing different documents. Crypto galleries must have chat rooms where artists can share their work without facing any difficulties.

So, participate in those forums and engage a massive community to generate more interest and engagement.

Want to Discover More Tips?

If you are an NFT artist and want to sell your artwork on NFT marketplaces, then it’s recommended to get professional help. Connect with an NFT marketing agency that works with professionals and can give you better tips and tricks to market your NFT across different channels. If you think that you can do it on your own, then you can also learn from these NFT marketing strategies that surely deliver amazing results in 2022.