Top 5 NFTs You Can Buy Right Now for Huge Profits

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Got a spare pile of cash lying around? Confused about what to do with it?

Well, don’t worry. We have a great suggestion and we are 100% sure that you’d love it. Consider this non-exhaustive list of NFTs to invest in. Go through each NFT, do your research, and find out the reasons to create NFT and invest in this exponentially grown marketplace.

Yes, that’s not a lie. NFT has seen exponential growth in 2021. With more investors capitalizing on and owning this digital art, the growing trend shows no sign of stopping in 2022 and onwards. In fact, they are growing in value each day. There are even popular Hollywood celebrities who also invested a lot in NFT and earned millions…

So, what’s your excuse for not considering it? There are tons of benefits of launching your own NFT marketplace and expect huge returns in no time.

Well, below are the top 5 NFTs explained that you can buy right now. So, just note the names in your diary so you could do extensive research in your spare time.

We are sure that you would love the ideas as they are also appreciated by the entire community of investors and buyers.

Souls of Nature

Ever heard about this recent NFT project?

If not yet, then let us explain.

Souls of Nature is an innovative and unique upcoming project in 2022. This awesome project is currently in its early stages. Unfortunately, the makers have not offered sales for now.

However, according to their roadmap, their NFT project release is going to take place in the third quarter of 2022. This means, there is not much time left. 

Meanwhile, they have built an active, prominent, and big community on Twitter and Discord where interested buyers and investors can find out all the latest information and updates on this exciting new project. That’s the reason, we would strongly recommend you to become a part of it.

But why this is the project to watch out for? Because it is all related to the metaverse and has play-to-earn features. These two elements combine to give users the great “experience to earn” in the crypto market.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most sought-after NFT drop which has made all the investors happy and they are making sure that it already has listed on their NFT calendar. 

This is a huge NFT collection that contains more than 10,000 unique NFTs. They all represent ‘Bored Apes’, as the name implies. 

These cute apes are mainly pieces of digital art that are looking quite dull and bored. Yet, they have garnered great attention from potential investors all across the world.

Apart from having a unique piece of art, the owners of Bored Apes have gained access to the ‘Yacht Club’ which grants members some incredible benefits.

Most importantly, a special Discord server that is hugely populated by entrepreneurs, common individuals, and even popular celebrities. Moreover, the Bored Ape owners can also gain successful access to various NFT drops which also includes the Bored Ape Kennel Club as well as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club.


Who doesn’t know about Cryptopunks?

Especially if you have planned to buy NFT, we are sure that you have heard a lot about Cryptopunks. This interesting collection was launched in 2017. This makes it one of the oldest NFT projects as well. 

Although this NFT collection was not highly coveted, however, their costs skyrocketed in 2021 when the NFT market expanded further.

This unique NFT collection features 10,000-pixel images. They all are hosted on the Ether blockchain. Each ‘Punk’ comes with its unique characteristics, features, and aesthetic. Among them, aliens and zombies have earned more names and value. The fact is, the CryptoPunks’ value is mainly derived from the overall length of time they have been around, rather than their actual visual aesthetics.


If want to buy the best NFT, especially in the ‘metaverse’, then we would recommend Decentraland. It is worth considering. Decentraland is a great open-world blockchain-based play to earn the crypto game. When you will use this, you can make different in-game avatars as well as buy plots of expensive land. 

The most interesting feature of this NFT collection is, that these plots of land are perfectly structured and created as NFTs. This means that they can be traded with multiple users and then monetized as well.

The world of Decentraland is also hosted on the Ether blockchain. Though it uses MANA and not ETH as its native currency. 

Due to the increased popularity of the growing metaverse concept, the NFT’s in-game items have become highly popular, in which ‘land parcels’ are highly sought after. You can buy these land parcels by using the Decentraland Marketplace – with a particular piece of land available for $50,000!


Doodles is another popular name in the world of NFT that is highly appreciated by investors and buyers.

This is an NFT collection that contains 10,000 pieces of original art. These are developed by a trio of popular digital artists. Now the people who have created Doodles, and went under the aliases Tulip, Poopie, as well as the Burnt Toast, have accomplished a lot with NFTs because two of them helped develop the famous CryptoKitties NFTs.

According to the name, Doodles are 2D characters. This comprises an exclusive mix of features, traits, characteristics, and aesthetics. 

You can find tons of amazing Doodles which also include spacemen, skeletons, and aliens. They have some special types that are considered rarer than others. 

The Doodles collection developed in October 2021 and surprisingly, it sold out immediately.

Final Thoughts

With more interesting, popular, and high-profile names involved in the NFT space, now is the right time to invest in the profitable collections of NFTs and capitalize on this amazing trend.So, if you are planning to create an NFT, invest in it, or even market or promote your newly launched NFT, then do not forget to consult with the team of NFT Unfold. The experts recommend amazing ways to create and market your NFT collection and get more eyes on your product. Do not wait anymore and begin the process by doing your own research.