NFT SEO: How to Market NFT with SEO in 2022?

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Did you know that 80% of the users look at the top 3 results on the Google search engine? Just try it yourself. Search something on Google and see how you analyze the results. Won’t you click on the top 3 results and give them priority over others?

Of course, you will. Do you even bother going to the second or third pages of Google? Well, most people do not. And that’s not surprising at all because they already get relevant results at the top which absolutely cater to their needs.

Have you ever wondered why some specific websites always keep showing at the top of the searches? Are they implementing some different strategies? Or what’s the secret?

Well, folks! There is no magic trick for that. Even if you are thinking that how my NFT website or NFT project is going to rank on Google then it also doesn’t involve any rocket science. It’s all because of SEO. Yes, SEO for NFT might be different than traditional projects. But trust us, when implemented correctly, it can offer 10x growth to your project or NFT website.

SEO is basically a key to getting all the attention of your targeted audience. But how would you do that? That’s what we are going to teach you today. Stick to the article till the end and learn how to market NFT with SEO in 2022?

Perform an Excellent Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO. Without it, you cannot ensure a little success even. You need to target those words or phrases that are frequently used by your audiences. When you target those keywords and implement them on your blog posts or website content strategically, you will surely gain ultimate success as the ranking of your keyword will be improved and you will gain more exposure and visibility.

Especially for your NFT site, you need to be very careful before choosing keywords as they should be according to the persona of your targeted searcher. For example, who are the people that want to buy NFTs? How can they explore it, and what information do you need to provide them so they can easily get convinced?

Moreover, you also have to think about your goals and objectives like what actions you want your customers to take.

Do you want to give people information about NFT? Do you want to help them how to create a marketplace? How to market their NFT? Or just involve in buying and selling of NFTs and want people to trade?

Choose keywords according to that and implement them correctly in your content.

Create Relevant Titles and URLs

Well, it seems obvious, but it’s the extremely important part. Creating the right page titles and URLs can simply improve the ranking of your NFT site on Google. 

URLs always affect SEO as they have a great impact. They make your site understandable and usable and help people understand what your overall page is about.

Like every business, search engines want to be helpful to the customers and give them the most reliable information they are looking for. If your URL structure is complex, technical, or confusing, then it would automatically lead to low rankings on Google search results.

Your URLs should match your page content or blog post titles. This also means that your titles should be clear, precise, and easy to understand. Make sure you include the primary keywords that you want to target.

Create SEO-Friendly and Optimized Blogposts

According to a recent analysis, search interest for cryptos and NFTs is extremely high. Why? Because it is relatively new in the market and helps make money. Therefore, many people explore the subject in different aspects.

That’s the reason, writing SEO-optimized blogposts is an excellent solution. K

A highly optimized blog post will be ranked well by search engines as it is relevant to Google’s guidelines. A well-optimized blog post includes good content, EAT, primary keywords, and an excellent user experience. 

The best blogpost is always user-friendly, free from jargon, relevant to the audience’s interest, engaging, and highly informative. It should be helpful for the readers from all aspects. Its format should also be readable, comprehensive, and feature great visuals.

Search engines want to give searchers what they are already looking for, and they should always address their concerns – while having keywords your audiences are looking for.

Maintain High Domain Authority

Maintaining high DA is extremely important for your NFT site. DA is basically a metric that decides how authoritative your website is in the entire domain. The higher the DA, the more reliable and trustworthy your site will be considered. As a result, your chances to rank on Google will automatically get high.

For example, Huffington post has 94 domain authorities. This means, that whatever they will publish, will definitely score top position in Google search results. The higher your DA is, the more chances you have to climb rankings on Google.

If they will write an article about NFT purchasing, it will probably rank higher as compared to a smaller company that will write on the same topic as Huffpost. Not only that, but people will also trust more on the article written by Huffpost as they are credible publishers with high names and fame in the industry. Plus, your website will get a high-quality link from the 94 DA site which automatically improves the ranking and recognition of your site. 

A good DA means good chances to rank on Google, and also get more links for your domain. Slowly, your DA will also get improved as your website is associated with highly reputable platforms. 

If you want to improve your DA, make sure you create high-quality NFT content that can be associated with high DA platforms so that your website can also enjoy improved ranking and recognition.

Build Internal and External Links

Building your backlinks is extremely important for NFT SEO, and probably it is the trickiest part of SEO as well. Internal and external links can help build your domain authority and properly organize your site. These links will keep traffic on the website much longer, and overall offer a more trustable and cohesive user experience.


In the end, we just want to say that don’t be afraid to get help if you think that you cannot manage these things on your own. Of course, these are technical SEO aspects and it is not easy for anyone to accomplish them. Therefore, NFT project owners get the help of a reliable SEO agency that has proven expertise in delivering ideal results. Share the details of your project with experts and have a custom strategy in place to get more exposure and a high ranking on your NFT website.