Effective NFT Promotion Ideas You are Not Using Right Now

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Mastering the art of marketing and promoting your NFT is extremely challenging today. The reason is, that most people are not aware of what NFTs are and how they should create and promote.

We’ve already been emphasizing a lot implementing unique NFT marketing strategies but there are still many people who couldn’t understand how to market their NFTs properly. But it’s not their mistake. Building and marketing your NFT brand is a long and exhausting journey. 

Today we are going to reveal some effective NFT marketing ideas that you might not be using right now but could be beneficial in the long run.

Strengthen Your Presence on Social Media

If you want your NFTs to get noticed, then you need a strong medium to get started so that you can promote and market your NFT. Social media is the best place to let people know that you have the best thing to offer and how their NFT can prove helpful for them. After all, nobody will ever know that you have something beneficial for them unless you share them using social channels.

Social media is an excellent place to share your NFT idea because generally, it’s a free place to advertise. The more platforms you use for NFT promotion, the more chances to reach a massive audience. If you are a person who doesn’t love using social media, then don’t worry. Help is available. You can approach the best NFT social media marketing agency that can simply help you grow and share the word with others. 

There is a lot of negativities around social media platforms, so an agency can best deal with that as they are expert in facing the same situations.

You can choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and many other channels for promoting NFTs.

Create Long Form of Pillar Content

Developing one long-form piece of content every day is extremely beneficial for a lot of reasons. It will help you form your opinion and discuss openly the topic that people love to explore. Once you create the content, you can simply promote it across different channels to get more shares and views.

We all know that content is a king. If your content is not engaging and effective, then it’s hard to convince users about your NFT product. 

According to our experience, creating that awesome piece of content is quite daunting and challenging. That’s the reason, pillar content is so awesome to create. You will have one basic idea or point in your mind that you’d love to express, and then you will create the best possible content surrounding that idea.

And that way, you don’t need to come up with any new idea for every social media platform, you can simply recreate it as many times as you want. 

Audio messages, written articles, infographics, and videos are great to share as they make people happy and engage them towards your point.

Now the type of pillar content you need to create simply depends on what your best points and strengths are. If you have a good writer who can craft an in-depth article, then your problem is solved. Otherwise, you can consult with reliable SEO or content marketing agency that can help you create engaging content for your NFT.

Recreate into Micro-Content

Micro-content is generally a short form of pillar content. For instance, you have recorded a 40-minute YouTube video that is full of engaging information. If you want to create your micro-content, all you need to do is trim your 20-second to 50-second clip from the pillar video. In this way, you will have a fresh piece of content that can be posted to Instagram.

You can get more creative and give a stunning title to your micro-content which is totally different from the pillar post you created. Maybe the title of your pillar post is: “Why I Love Developing NFTs”. 

And perhaps in your video clip, you have talked about how you created and minted NFTs on a popular marketplace. So, you cut that specific part of the clip and title it, “Creation and Listing of NFTs on the Best NFT Marketplace”; After that, you can simply distribute that piece of micro-content across several platforms with a new perspective.

Distribute the Content Across Each Platform

Once you have created your pillar content, you need to distribute it across different social media channels. If your content gets live on YouTube, you can Tweet it with a link to that YouTube video. Your followers on Twitter will be able to see that micro-content and will watch the content immediately if they are interested to know more.

We didn’t mean you should spam your micro-content pieces with several redirects to the pillar content. But the secret is to offer so much value in your micro-content that people feel curious to know everything about it. If they ask for more, you can tell them where to find the main pillar post. 

Listen to the Audience

The best way to know if your content is right and beneficial for your audience, you can simply to check the feedback you receive from different people.

When you post content across different platforms, you can get more insight and learn what people actually feel about your brand. That’s exactly what you want.

Here are a few ways to connect with your audience and get their feedback:

  • Create a poll
  • Post and listen to the audience’s feedback
  • Run question/answer session
  • Scan the comment section and respond to people.

Final Thoughts

To leverage NFT technology most effectively, you need to follow the above tips for promoting so you can follow the right path. There are still lots of ways to market your NFTs correctly but the above approach is new and unique and not many know about it already. So, it’s your chance to implement it for your digital asset to earn more value and recognition in no time. Are you ready to grow and show your NFTs to a massive audience?