10 Different Types of NFTs People Love Today

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NFT or non-fungible tokens are everywhere these days. I bet if you are on a journey to explore different types of NFTs, it will take you days or even weeks. 

There are different marketplaces and communities where you can list NFT. Whether it’s a piece of art or a simple token of sports activity, NFT could be of any type as they are emerging greatly.

Presently, there are different NFT variants available in the market that draw the attention of audiences and investors. If you are thinking to create NFT, I am sure you must have planned to create one of these because they are highly popular today.

Let’s have a look below and check out the list of different NFTs people love today.


Did you know collectibles are being sold for thousands of dollars?

The same is the case with NFTs that can be sold as digital trading cards or also kept as collectibles.

A great example of NFT being seen as a collectible is the emergence of Cryptokitties which are the digital kittens and got tremendous popularity among collectors a few years back. 

The NFT market is extremely flooded with various kinds of trading cards and collectibles that are listed by different companies – as long as they are deemed collectible.

NFT Artwork

Its mainly a concoction of uniqueness, creativity, and technology. 

You may feel surprised to know that majority of NFTs are artworks today. The programmable arts usually account for nearly 99% of NFTs. The reason is, that artists were efficient enough to capitalize on the NFT conception. 

Currently, virtual artworks such as GIFs, memes, digital pics, and short videos are being sold online as they are like some physical objects.

Event Tickets

NFTs are greatly used in the form of event tickets which facilitate the verification of people’s identities. Organizers of concerts and music festivals tend to utilize a specific blockchain so they can mint a particular kind of NFT ticket.

People purchase these tickets at auction listings. They can also be stored in smartphones through wallets for simple accessibility.

Media Files and Music

There have been lots of experiments in converting music to NFTs which automatically led to the evolution of different variants of NFTs. Media files and music can also be linked to NFTs with exclusive ownership claims given to a specific person.

The music transition from fungible good to being tokenized has offered lots of benefits to artists in different amazing ways.


Game developers have great levels of interest in NFT and most of them are using them immensely for different projects. NFTs can be used as in-game items in online gaming. The tokens drive the growth of in-game economies via immutable ownership records for different in-game items.

Some in-game content including skins, characters, weapons, and other things are sold as NFTs and not the entire game. There is another use case of NFT which is the sale of limited-edition DLC assets to the player who is willing to enjoy the uniqueness of NFT assets. However, it never stops the company from selling its regular DLC.

Sports Moments

If you are associated with NFTs or have some interest in sports, then I am sure you must have heard about sports NFTs.

These NFTs are used to capture memorable sports moments only in the form of small video clips. 

But keep in mind that this is not physically equivalent to other types of NFTs. Most sports NFTs feature different moments from game-changing touchdowns to slam dunks and other activities.

Virtual Fashion

It’s quite surprising to know that virtual fashion also exists in NFT form.

Have you ever thought of boasting a stylish outfit and looking ultra-mod among your friends? Well, it’s all possible in the world of NFTs.

You won’t have to splurge money on gorgeous outfits that are not even affordable. You can simply use NFTs and up your style game using online avatars.

Remember that this special NFT type is particularly reserved for some fashion-conscious and modern people. They can find each item unique and exclusive.


Do you like memes? Or maybe share them every day on different social media channels? If yes, then have you ever thought about buying them?

Selling memes as NFTs is really a great achievement in this field in recent years. Memes are strongly linked with NFTs. Despite their utmost popularity among people and being part of this culture, people love to buy them with all the rights.

If you want to buy memes as NFTs, you can find out different examples and analyze how do they perform in a market. You can even list your memes NFT in a particular marketplace and get more exposure and visibility for your project.

Domain Names

The NFT market has already made it possible for people to get registered and sell their domain names. Users can simply create a detour around having to pay a third-party company for a domain management name by acquiring it from the NFT market.

There will be exclusive rights to the name ownership. This means there will be no need for any middlemen. 

Some examples of domain name NFTs providers are Ethereum Name Service (ENS) as well as Unstoppable Domains through decentralized domain name services.

Real-World Assets

There are several speculations about NFTs being utilized as great real-world tokens in the future. There are notable advancements in the NFT domain arena.

Many NFT projects are also focusing on the tokenization of several luxury items and real estate. You will get different options while buying a house or a car.

Ending Thoughts

Some other types of NFTs are writing, tweets, photos, videos, work, coins, and many many more. If you want to get information about all the types of want to list NFTs on a particular marketplace then it’s time to connect with the specialists of NFT Unfold that take immense pride in developing NFT for you and also promote them through various marketing methods.